10 Hotes in Chubu arrow Shizuoka Prefecture arrow Izu

Businesses in Shizuoka cover a wide range of sectors ranging from machinery to chemicals, food, and IT. We offer various subsidies for companies seeking to establish a business base here. Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Overview - For Tourism Organisations. Do you have any idea where Shizuoka is? You might not have heard of Shizuoka yet, but you must have heard of Mt. Fuji, the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan, which is in Shizuoka.

List of Hotes :
  1. Arcana Izu
  2. Meijikan
  3. Toi Marine Hotel Kaiontei
  4. Laforet Shuzenji
  5. Hoshi no Nagisa
  6. Yunohanatei
  7. Shuzenji Hotel Yutorian
  8. Hotel Olive no Ki
  9. Itoen Hotel Toi
  10. Hotel Miyabi

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