Miyabi Hot News 2011 after Tsunami

Many of Miyabi fans are asking the fate of Miyabi (Japan’s porn stars) from the Japan earthquake and tsunami on Friday, 11 march 2011, also ensure that conditions are fine. Miyabi Twitter account in Kanji

“After the Japan earthquake, I am fine and in the camp with all team members,” Miyabi wrote it in her twitter account in Kanji Language. There is no information on whether a Miyabi Twitter account was written directly by Miyabi or her management team. She also could not tell where her and team members current position.
Fans could interact with Miyabi Twitter account.
However, in that Miyabi Twitter account, usually Miyabi interact with her fans. In Miyabi last writings, also included a link to her daily blog featuring images of a burning barrel. It is unclear what is her purpose displaying the image of fire.
Judging from Miyabi blog, Miyabi is writing her experiences everyday. Almost every day she writes about her daily life. However, the habit of writing on the blog had been halted since the celebration of Valentine.

For adult movies fans in Indonesia, Miyabi is famous actress . She is starts her fame when starring in two films in Indonesia. In fact, her involvement in the Indonesian film industry had bring pro and cons.

Producer Maxima Pictures, Ody Mulya who has twice worked with Miyabi in Indonesia was deeply concerned about the condition of the porn star. He claimed to lose contact with Miyabi since the quake rocked Japan.

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