She Survived from Devastated Japan Tsunami

From, Miyabi (Maria Ozawa) survived from devastated Japan tsunami. On the previous post we have posted that Miyabi can not reached by anyone. She don't accept the phone call also do not reply the SMS. But today We have read that Miyabi survive on this big disaster. The Japanese beautiful stars who are very popular in Indonesia her existence is already known through her Twitter, she sent the message that her situation is okay.

After the earthquake I was okay in camp with the team,” she said via @ozawazone in kanji on 03/12/2011. Unfortunately Miyabi was not explained where her existence today. It’s just that she attach a recent blog that contains the address of the fire that burned in the barrel with no known meaning.
Miyabi has played in two Indonesian movie, titled “Hantu Tanah Kusir and “Menculik Miyabi”. Her presence in Indonesia had caused controversy, related to her image as sexy star. It is unknown who also wrote this twit, whether direct from Miyabi herself or from someone else. But the answer is a bit much satisfy for her fans who curious and questioning the latest condition of this Canadian-Japanese blood woman.

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